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Steps to Complete a Successful



When we take up any project, we meticulously plan out all the steps so that the build project can be completed in time and within set budget. This process consists of four main steps, which we will be looking at in the following sections.


Steps We Follow in Our Projects

Initial Planning | Pre-construction Analysis | Construction Phase | Close Out


Step 1: Initial Planning

In any build project, the first step we take consists of proper planning so that feasibility of different aspects can be evaluated. Here, we discuss all the aspects with the homeowner and the architect to finalize the details.


During this phase there is discussion between civil engineer and the architect to evaluate different details such as easements, setbacks from property lines, etc. We also examine the scope, permitting, and design variables to judge viability of the plan.


Step 2: Pre-construction Analysis

Here, construction documents are finalized and these documents will dictate the actual flow of construction. The budget as well as overall schedule, insurance, and contracts are also finalized. We will also decide about the processes to be followed for successful execution of the build project.

Step 3: Construction Phase

As the name suggests, it is the execution phase wherein all the plans will be executed. Our team focuses on what is known as construction administration and all the engineers, architects, and consultants are involved in this task. Our experts reply to RFIs or Request for Information, carry out inspections related to quality controls, and review all the technical documents to make sure that the project moves in the right direction.


Few of the other important tasks which are performed include quality control, project management, monitoring of safety programs, and technical inspections. The budget, scope, and schedule are also closely monitored during this phase.

Step 4: Close Out

The last step is the project closer where our team remains extra cautious to make sure the project ends successfully. This is where the build project is handed over to the owner so that they can move towards occupancy of their home.


We create a comprehensive closeout list and it is handed over to the owner along with other documents like final accounting, manuals, as-builts, and warranties.


If required, a process known as commissioning is used to test performance of all the involved systems to make sure these systems deliver as per specified requirements.

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