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Need additional space in your house? Want to increase resale value of your property? Consider some innovative additions to your home. Our experts carefully analyze the purpose as well as design of the new home addition to ensure it would fit perfectly with existing homes design.


Will home addition be beneficial for you?

Yes, any type of home addition will be adding value to your property and makes the living space more comfortable. Few of the other reasons for home additions include:


  • Save Money: Rather than moving to a new home with an extra bedroom, you may very well add that extra room in your existing house and save considerable amount of money.  

  • Extra Dedicated Space: It is possible that there is additional space in your property that is not being utilized. For instance, you can add some square feet to present porch or garage to build a bonus room.

  • Better Resale Value: Any useful addition to your home will help in increasing its resale value. When you are going to sell the home, the extra space will fetch you more value.


Different Types of Home Additions

Home additions come in different sizes and forms. You may well decide to build upwards, outwards, or downwards, depending upon your needs. Our team closely analyzes your requirement to suggest architectural designs that will best fit with your existing house structure.



Sunrooms are generally spacious and it is constructed off an existing external wall. If there is an old deck or porch, we can convert it into a sunroom. Our experts take care to match the roofing with the existing home.



We can add a front or rear dormer to provide upper floors in your home more space and flexibility. You can augment curb appeal of your home with a front dormer. Another benefit of dormer is that it increases air circulation in upper floors and let more light enter your home.


Bump Out

Bump outs are an option to use instead of building a new room. We can extend an existing room to create more space. For example, a small kitchen can be bumped out to accommodate an island, a bathroom where shower installation will become possible because of the bump out, and a cramped dining space can be made bigger to fit in more guests.

Room Addition

We can add new rooms such as bathrooms, living rooms, or kitchens as per your requirement. For instance, a new bathroom can be attached to the existing master bedroom.


Second Floor Addition

We can build a second floor to create more space in your home. Such second floor can also have separate entrance so that you can rent it out for additional income.


Accessory Dwelling Units (ADU)

It is a separate section of the home that can be used as additional living space. This ADU can be detached or attached from your existing home. ADU is a space that your extended family members can use or you can also utilize it as a rental.


We have the competency to cover all the involved aspects right from code approvals to electric and plumbing for your home additions. If there is additional backyard space or some extra room to expand your existing structure, give us a call and we will create a plan of action to build additions to your home in the best possible manner.

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