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We are a full service general contractors with expertise in providing deep foundation solutions such as construction, stabilization, and repair of foundations. Underpinning is one of the services that we specialize in. It is a method that provides extra support to foundations, which are not able to safely support future or existing loads.


Underpinning also proves to be the right technique where structures get severely damaged because of settling foundations. It is a technique that helps you avoid the disruption and expenditure that you have to bear if you opt for foundation replacement. Moreover, sub-standard or damaged foundation can negatively effect property value of your home and create hindrance while you try to re-finance or sell it.


We have a solution for you irrespective of whether an aging structure is being renovated, the foundation is failing, or the building has been weakened by natural events.


Our Underpinning Services

  1. Stabilize sinkhole conditions

  2. Raise settled slabs or foundations

  3. Underpin using deep foundation elements


Why use our services?

Our experts utilize latest foundation underpinning methods where structural elements are installed for transferring load of the building onto underlying competent bedrock or soil. We can design underpinning foundations in such a way that after completion it remains below grade and does not affect structure’s aesthetics.


Our focus is on minimizing costly excavations and reduce disruption and for this, we use methods that involve mini/micro piles. Our team consists of experienced civil and geo-technical structural engineers who make sure underpinning is properly installed for your foundation.


We understand that every underpinning has its own complexities and as such, we ensure that a professional engineer designs the underpinning and the whole project is customized to meet specific needs of your home or commercial establishment.

Underpinning Techniques We Use

We perform underpinning using push piers, warrantied helical piers, grade beams, caissons, resistance piles, and slab piers to achieve desired results. Before work is started our experts analyze reasons for foundation problems so that best possible solution can be recommended.


Our focus is on extending the foundation so that load gets distributed over a larger area or foundation rests over greater amount of supportive soil stratum.

Recognizing Foundation Problems

If you have doubts that there is a settlement problem at your home then get in touch with us immediately. Our experts will visit your home for foundation inspection and suggest a solution to solve the problem.


Few of the common signs that will indicate there is a foundation problem are:


  1. Cracks in the foundation

  2. Cracks above window frames

  3. Slab floors which are sinking or cracking

  4. Tilting chimney

  5. Buckled or cracked walls

  6. Uneven or sloping floors

  7. Gaps between floor/ceiling and wall

  8. Misaligned windows and doors


Moreover, foundation settlement can occur due to:


  1. Leaking and damaged underground utilities

  2. Extreme hydration of soils

  3. Inadequate soil compaction

  4. Soil erosion, saturation, and shrinkage

  5. Poor grading

  6. Transpiration and soil shrinkage

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