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Top Ups


Top ups to your home create that much needed extra space in your home. Moreover, these top ups help in improving resale value and also prove to be beneficial when you decide to refinance your home. Similarly, top up to your home in the form of an additional room can be rented out to earn additional income. Having vast industry experience, we have needed expertise to add top ups to your home.


Top Ups to Your Home

We can construct different top ups for your home, let us give you an insight into the same.

Second Floor

Adding second floor to your home can be a big decision to make, but will certainly help you create extra space in a home that is getting congested as your family expands. It would be the best alternative to purchasing a new and bigger home and turn out to be a significant money saver.


Decision to add a second floor will also help you stay in the same neighborhood you have been living for years, that you cannot even think of leaving. We can build this second floor in your home by ensuring no budget overflows happen and carefully following the architecture and design of your present house.


We will thoroughly check the foundation requirements for addition of a second floor, keep note of your preferences, and follow building regulations while constructing the second floor.


Patio/Garden Room

 When you decide to add a patio or garden room, we are the right company in Toronto to get in touch with. We have a collection of extensively researched designs that you can select from for your patio or garden room. Developed with advanced engineering, these patio and garden rooms let you enjoy the outdoor space to the fullest.



 We have the expertise to create a rear or front dormer in your house. Such dormer will prove to be useful in improving home’s curb appeal and at the same time, assist in increasing air circulation as well as allow more light to get in.


Dormer will also make any small home appear a little bigger. If you are planning to expand a bedroom or develop some bonus space then dormer will be the right option for you.


We can also take up other tasks such as bathroom and kitchen remodeling, deck addition, new room addition, basement renovation, bedroom remodeling, garage conversion, and similar other additions as per your requirement. Planned and constructed professionally, these top ups will become valuable additions for your home.


If you are planning to add any top up to your home then give us a call and our experts will provide the best possible options that meet your expectations

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